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New Concept of Development Born from the Pursuit of Originality

We started as a halogen lamp manufacturer and have tried to develop products satisfying customers such as discharge lamps, super high-pressure mercury lamps and LED lamps and have made products only we can produce with creative ideas.
Customers’ need diversifies by the globalization of markets and, on the other hand, products in markets become producer-oriented by narrowing customers’ need down in the way of the greatest common measure. We take into consideration of the various customers’ need and make efforts to develop differentiated products no other company has had by carefully reflecting customers’ need one by one.
Therefore, we thoroughly pursue optimization of optical design, power design and thermal design along with development of materials. We, also, try mindfully to perform development supposing situation of use of products from all angles and produce products with high efficiency and high quality giving high satisfaction to customers.
We will continue to pursue originality without being caught by the existing circumstances and challenge high and new engineering development to realize the originality. ・・・・・This is our concept of development.

Winning the 2004 (4th) Porter Prize

We were awarded the 2004 (4th) Porter Prize for reasons that our “specialization in the lamps for projectors”, “individual correspondence to customers’ need”, “thorough quality assurance” and “unique manufacturing method” etc. were highly evaluated.
The Porter Prize was established in July, 2001 for the purpose of improvement of international competitiveness of Japanese companies to innovate in products, processes and management methods and honor companies and business performing unique and excellent