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Efforts to Environment
  • Efforts to Environment
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Environmental principle

Environmental Philosophy

We will attempt to harmonize corporate activity with global environment towards “development of sustainable society” and aim “environmentally friendly company” through manufacturing products based on light.

Environmental Policy

  • We will put environmental management system in writing and attempt maintenance and continuous improvement of the system and prevent natural environment from destruction and pollution.
  • We will satisfy needs of our customers and stakeholders in design, manufacturing, sale and services and attempt to provide environmentally friendly products.
  • We will put efforts into saving energy, saving resource, reduction of hazardous substances and procurement and purchase of material, parts and products of lower environmental impact.
  • We will observe laws, regulations, ordinances and agreements with local community etc.
  • We will establish environmental purpose and goal, promote improvement exercise with participation of all employees, periodically evaluate level of achievement and review it.
  • We will conduct education and enlightenment activity so that every employee is able to enhance environmental awareness and perform environmental conservation activities himself.
    Environmental policy will be distributed to all employees as electronic document and in a leaflet and, moreover, it will be disclosed to stakeholders upon their request.