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Message from President

 Our living and business have been much changed by the evolution of digital technology and optical technology. The Lamp industry now meets big turning point as well. Especially, in the field of lighting, fences separating among types of industries become lower and the competition among companies is getting intense and new ideas we have never met are asked.
 In this environment, under the consistent management policy since its foundation in 1976, Phoenix Electric Company (PHOENIX) has provided products and services satisfying our customers of high quality and high value-added, always in anticipation of the next generation and by making full use of our own strategy of competition and optical technology we have fostered for more than 30 years.
 Under the policy of “Our products and services based upon light with high quality will satisfy all needs”, we will solve the problems of our customers together with them and provide products and services desired by them. This is the attitude of PHOENIX for work.
 Moreover, while environmental destruction and shortage of electric power are talked about, we think that we will be able to play a part of corporate social responsibility as a lamp manufacturer by concentrating investment of management resources on the development and commercialization of power saving and environmentally friendly LED lamps.
 We will specialize in the products and services no one except for us can make and continue to strive towards the only one (global niche) company in the field of “light” having unlimited possibilities.

Phoenix Electric Co.,Ltd.
Hiroya Tahara,CEO

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