Our Guiding Principles

Our value

We went bankrupt in 1998 but successfully revived for relisting.
As the company name indicates, we rose like a Phoenix.

We must not forget that employees made immense efforts in the course of that revival.
We also learned a lot by analyzing the developments that led to the bankruptcy.

Our corporate philosophy stipulates the basic value and action principle that have been inherited in our business operations based on the lessons learned.

To stay abreast of the changing times, we will revise and develop the philosophy as part of our prized corporate culture that must be passed on to the next generation.

Our vision

We endeavor to improve convenience for customers by maintaining a flexible system.

We have the following management policy and quality policy to establish our unique position as a specialized manufacturer and pursue further potential.

Our mission

We meet all needs of customers with our high-quality lighting products and services.

Management policy

  • Robust and flexible business operationsWe enhance our corporate strength to achieve sustainable development.
    We also build a flexible corporate culture to adapt to any changes quickly.
  • Systematic and open corporate managementWe make our business operations fair and impartial for stakeholders including employees and customers to ensure transparent, systematic, and open corporate management.
  • Rational and scientific managementWe take a rational and scientific approach to embody the management policy.
  • Industry-leading performance and qualityWe maintain our industry-leading performance and quality, which is crucial for differentiating us from competitors.

Quality policy

“Improve convenience for customers through flexible response”
All employees understand the management policy and quality policy to develop and offer high-quality products that customers need.