ISO 14001 Certified

In April 2006, PHOENIX Electric obtained ISO 14001 certification, an international environmental management standard formulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
Our company has its own Environmental Policy as an organizational goal. Aiming to achieve this goal, we have established a PDCA (plan–do–check–act) cycle, which means to formulate a plan (Plan), implement and operate the plan (Do), check the results (Check), take corrective action to fix flaws, if any (Act), and formulate a revised plan.
Specifically, we are working to improve the energy efficiency of our lighting facilities, power receiving/distribution facilities and mechanical installations at our production plants. We are also seeking to reduce environmental impact in every area of our business, from material purchasing to product recycling. Through these company-wide efforts PHOENIX Electric is committed to being a “green company.”

Furthermore, we take active measures to comply with international environmental standards, including the RoHS Directive formulated by the environmentally-advanced European Union (EU) to regulate the use of hazardous chemical substances in electrical and electronic products for the EU market, the EuP Directive that sets eco-design requirements, and the EU’s newly adopted chemical substance regulation “REACH.” Always with an eye toward the future we seek to develop and manufacture environment-friendly products that meet global standards.