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We offer LEDs that meet the needs of customers.
We accept orders for prototype production and small lot production.
We make proposals including optical designs, aiming to create new technologies together with customers.


Category Product name Wavelength Po If Vf Data sheet
Super-wide band LED BBSMD5050-BB1-60-008 350nm–1200nm 84mW 500mA 3.7V PDF
Super-wide band LED BBSMD5050-BB2-60-003 450nm–1200nm 170mW 500mA 3.1V PDF
Three-wavelength LED chip IRSMD5050-770_860_940-60-001 770nm, 860nm, 940nm 1,100mW 1,000mA 4.8V PDF

We were quick to recognize the potential of ultraviolet (UV) LEDs and infrared (IR) LEDs and to conduct R&D.
In 2018, we became the first company in the world to develop a super-wide band LED element that can emit light of a very wide range of wavelengths from near-ultraviolet to near-infrared
(as of July 31, 2018, based on our survey).

The super-wide band LED element is expected to be used in various industries including medical care, analysis, scientific measurement, and consumer appliances as a new compact energy-saving light source that does not require maintenance.

Comparison of characteristics between a super-wide band LED, halogen lamp, and multi-wavelength multiple LED

Super-wide band LED


Multi-wavelength multiple LED
Generation of heat
Service life
Wavelength shift
Pulse lighting
Power High-density mounting COB

/ Applications /

Equipment for medical testing (e.g., hemanalysis), thin film measurement, spectroscopic testing, machine vision (e.g., sensor sorting), nondestructive testing, other testing

Category Product name Peak wavelength Po If Vf Data sheet
COB UVCOB9-2020-365-60-001 365nm 10.5W 1A 34V PDF
COB UVCOB9-2020-385-60-001 385nm 13W 1A 32V PDF
COB UVCOB9-2020-395-60-001 395nm 13W 1A 33V PDF
COB UVCOB9-2020-405-60-001 405nm 13W 1A 32V PDF
COB UVCOB36-2020-365-60-001 365nm 42W 6A 23V PDF
COB UVCOB36-2020-385-60-001 385nm 49W 6A 22V PDF
COB UVCOB36-2020-395-60-001 398nm 49W 6A 22V PDF
COB UVCOB36-2020-405-60-001 407nm 49W 6A 22V PDF
COB UVCOB64-2525-365-60-001 365nm 78W 8A 30V PDF
COB UVCOB64-2525-385-60-001 385nm 88W 8A 28V PDF
COB UVCOB64-2525-395-60-001 397nm 88W 8A 28V PDF
COB UVCOB64-2525-405-60-001 403nm 88W 8A 28V PDF
COB UVCOB81-2525-365-60-001 365nm 93W 9A 34V PDF
COB UVCOB81-2525-385-60-001 385nm 109W 9A 32V PDF
COB UVCOB81-2525-395-60-001 394nm 109W 9A 32V PDF
COB UVCOB81-2525-405-60-001 405nm 110W 9A 32V PDF
COB IRCOB9-2827-840-60-001 840nm 6.5W 9A 3.3V PDF
COB IRCOB9-2020-870-60-001 870nm 8.1W 1A 28V PDF
COB IRCOB9-2020-940-60-001 940nm 6.1W 1A 28V PDF
COB IRCOB9-2827-1200-60-001 1200nm 0.15W 4.5A 1.7V PDF
COB IRCOB9-2827-1450-60-001 1450nm 0.125W 4.5A 1.7V PDF
Category Product name Peak wavelength Po If Vf Data sheet
Package UVSMD5050-365-60-002 365nm 1,500mW 1,000mA 3.7V PDF
Package UVSMD5050-385-60-001 385nm 1,080mW 700mA 3.6V PDF
Package UVSMD5050-395-60-003 395nm 1,300mW 700mA 3.5V PDF
Package UVSMD5050-405-60-003 405nm 1,250mW 700mA 3.5V PDF
Package UVSMD5050-420-60-001 420nm 930mW 700mA 3.3V PDF
Package IRSMD5050-780-60-001 780mA 880mW 1,000mA 3.5V PDF
Package IRSMD5050-820-60-001 820mA 1,080mW 1,000mA 3.25V PDF
Package IRSMD5050-850-60-001 850nm 1,240mW 1,000mA 3.25V PDF
Package IRSMD5050-870-60-001 870nm 1,290mW 1,000mA 3.3V PDF
Package IRSMD5050-940-60-001 940nm 1,180mW 1,000mA 3.1V PDF
Package IRSMD5050-1050-60-001 1050nm 630mW 1,000mA 1.7V PDF

Wavelength of our chips

≧500nm 501nm–799nm 800nm≦
265nm 510nm 800nm
275nm 525nm 810nm
285nm 530nm 820nm
308nm 540nm 830nm
325nm 550nm 840nm
340nm 560nm 850nm
365nm 570nm 860nm
385nm 580nm 870nm
395nm 590nm 880nm
405nm 600nm 890nm
420nm 610nm 900nm
430nm 620nm 910nm
440nm 630nm 920nm
450nm 640nm 930nm
460nm 650nm 940nm
470nm 660nm 950nm
480nm 670nm 960nm
490nm 680nm 970nm
690nm 1050nm
700nm 1150nm
710nm 1200nm
720nm 1300nm
730nm 1450nm
740nm 1550nm
750nm 1650nm

※If you need wavelengths other than the above, please contact us.


Product name Photo Peak wavelength Po If Vf Data sheet
IPX017-1300-S0 IPX017-1300-S0 1300nm 34mW 500mA 8.5V PDF

Floodlight for color night vision cameras

This floodlight for cameras colorizes infrared irradiation images by using infrared light of three wavelengths.
It can reach up to 1,000 m ahead by projecting light in almost parallel lines.

A floodlight that minimizes the red color

General infrared LEDs are characterized by a wide wavelength range, which makes the light source appear slightly red even for LEDs with non-visible peak wavelengths.
Thanks to our optical design and filter, the floodlight minimizes this red color and therefore is unlikely to be misidentified as a traffic signal.
It is expected to be used for surveillance cameras along expressways and railways.

LEDs for general lighting

For LED lamps for general lighting, please visit:

Self-declaration of conformity

In a completion inspection in accordance with the Act on the Improvement of Energy Consumption Performance of Buildings, etc., relevant organizations may require the submission of a document certifying that the luminaries meet the specified performance. A self-declaration of conformity is available as a document certifying that our products meet the specified performance.

Download the self-declaration of conformity