Environmental Policy
Constantly considering the environment and safety with our technology For the sake of the earth’s future

Environmental philosophy

With the goal of achieving the sustainable development of society, PHOENIX Electric strives to carry out corporate activities in harmony with the global environment, and is committed to being a “green company” through the development and manufacture of products utilizing light-based technologies.

Basic policy

  • We document, maintain and continuously upgrade our environmental management system to help prevent destruction and pollution of the natural environment.
  • We are dedicated to satisfying the needs of our customers and stakeholders in the design, manufacture, sale and follow-up services of products, as well as to providing environment-friendly products.
  • We strive to conserve energy and natural resources, as well as reduce hazardous substances, while procuring and purchasing more environment-friendly materials, components and products.
  • We abide by all laws, regulations and codes, as well as all regional and other agreements, pertinent to environmental protection.
  • We set environmental goals and objectives, toward which we undertake company-wide improvement activities, evaluate the progress regularly, and make appropriate adjustments.
  • We conduct educational and training programs for our employees to help each of them raise their environmental awareness and proactively engage in environmental protection activities.

We widely publicize our Environmental Policy, including on our website, and communicate it to all employees in the form of leaflets.