Safety and Health Policy

We place top priority on employees’ safety and health in our business operations. We aim to improve the safety and health standards. This is based on our belief that both our company’s development and social development cannot be achieved without ensuring the safety and health of our employees.

Our safety and health policy

At PHOENIX Electric, all employees cooperate on safety and health activities in order to ensure the safety and health of employees and improve the level of safety and health.

  1. We endeavor to ensure safety and health management by complying with laws and regulations related to industrial safety and health and in-house rules.
  2. We endeavor to remove and eliminate hazards by conducting risk assessments on safety and health.
  3. We improve the health management system and promote measures for ensuring employees’ health in order to prevent health impairments due to overwork and mental health problems.
  4. We promote safety and health activities with the participation of all employees while ensuring communication with employees.
  5. We endeavor to raise awareness of safety and health by providing education on safety and health and through in-house public relations.
  6. We implement measures necessary to maintain and improve a safe, healthy, and comfortable workplace.

As part of efforts related to industrial safety and health, the safety and health plan is discussed and progress is monitored periodically by the safety and health committee (person responsible: our managing director). Furthermore, the first day of each month is designated as “safety day,” when safety activities for raising awareness of safety throughout the company are implemented.

Organization chart of the safety and health committee